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Kevin Amies - Producer

Kevin started his musical career during his school days when he persuaded his music teacher that, despite never having hit a drum, he could play them in the upcoming school show, Captain Noah & his Floating Zoo.  Spotted during the show by the drummer of 70s pop band Sailor, Kevin quickly advanced, later giving up his apprenticeship (much to his father's horror) to be a full time musician, only to have to give that up, 6 months later, to get a proper job!  Several career moves later, Kevin now runs his own Building & Development business, Seima Construction.

Despite many hobbies along the way from Water Skiing to flying his own light aircraft, Kevin's love for music has him playing drums in local covers band Atlantique, sound engineering many local shows around Milton Keynes, producing the Dreams 'n' Wishes panto for MKAOS and looking after their financial affairs as the society's Treasurer.

Working on sound for the MKAOS panto Sleeping Beauty in 2006 and working
with John as a Director, Kevin realised how successful their working partnership
could be and so proposed they team up to work on another panto.

The rest, as they say, is history!