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Disney Little Mermaid Cast Announced 29/10/2023  
Disney Little Mermaid Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 01/10/2023  
Jack & The Beanstalk Cast Announced 25/06/2023  
Jack & The Beanstalk Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 01/06/2023  
Robin & Marion Cast Announced 21/08/2022  
Robin & Marion Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 24/07/2022  
Shrek: Cast Announced 30/01/2022  
Shrek 2022 Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 08/01/2022  
Cinderella Cast Announced 12/09/2021  
Cinderella Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 20/08/2021  
Shrek Postponed again to 2022 due to COVID-19 30/04/2021  
Cinderella Postponed to 2021/22 due to COVID-19 10/08/2020  
Shrek Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 12/04/2020  
2020/21 Pantomime - Cinderella Announced 12/04/2020  
Shrek: Cast Announced 09/02/2020  
Shrek Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 12/01/2020  
Shrek Intro Evening Announced 01/01/2020  
Sleeping Beauty: Cast Announced 30/06/2019  
Sleeping Beauty: Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 02/06/2019  
Sleeping Beauty 2019/20: Intro Evening Announced 14/04/2019  
Dick Whittington: Cast Announced 15/07/2018  
Dick Whittington: Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 17/06/2018  
2018/19 Pantomime - Dick Whittington Announced 04/02/2018  
The Wizard of Oz Photos Added 23/01/2018  
Dame of Thrones: Buy your Panto Trumps Cards here 03/10/2017  
Aladdin Photos Added 22/09/2017  
The Wedding Singer Photos Added 19/09/2017  
The Wizard of Oz: Cast Announced 16/07/2017  
The Wizard of Oz: Audition Pieces now available 15/06/2017  
The Wizard of Oz the Pantomime Announced 09/02/2017  
Aladdin Cast Announced 10/07/2016  
Aladdin Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 05/06/2016  
The Wedding Singer Cast Announced 15/11/2015  
The Wedding Singer Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 25/10/2015  
The Wedding Singer Intro Meeting Announced 16/09/2015  
The Snow Queen Cast Announced 05/07/2015  

The Snow Queen Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE

The Snow Queen Intro Evening Info Added 01/04/2015  
Grease Photos Added 11/09/2014  
Puss in Boots Photos Added 10/09/2014  
Mother Goose Photos Added 08/09/2014  
Rapunzel CAST ANNOUNCED 06/07/2014  
Rapunzel Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 08/06/2014  
Rapunzel Intro Evening Info Added 31/05/2014  
Grease Cast Announced 24/11/2013  
Grease Audition Pieces NOW AVAILABLE 20/10/2013  
Grease Tickets ON SALE NOW 20/10/2013  
Mother Goose Cast Announced 30/06/2013  
Grease is the Word for Summer 2014 27/05/2013  
Mother Goose Intro Meeting Information 27/05/2013  
Puss In Boots Cast Announced 15/07/2012  
Puss In Boots Audition Details Available 10/06/2012  
Little Mermaid Photos Added 02/02/2012  
Footloose Show Photos Added 02/02/2012  
Robin Hood Show Photos Added 01/02/2012  
The Sound of Music Tickets on Sale 22/01/2012  
The Sound of Music Cast Announced 27/11/2011  
The Sound of Music Audition Details Available 23/10/2011  
The Sound of Music Intro Evening announced 09/10/2011  
2012 Show announced - The Sound of Music 09/10/2011  
Little Mermaid Cast Announced 17/07/2011  
Little Mermaid Audition Details Available 16/06/2011  
Little Mermaid Tickets now on sale 14/06/2011  
Little Mermaid Intro Evening announced 24/05/2011  
Footloose Tickets on Sale 17/02/2011  
Footloose Cast Announced 21/11/2010  
Footloose Audition Details available 17/10/2010  
Footloose Intro Evening announced 24/09/2010  
Robin Hood Tickets on Sale 18/07/2010  
Robin Hood Cast Announced 18/07/2010  
Robin Hood Audition Pieces now available.... 24/06/2010  

Footloose announced as June 2011 Musical

2010 Pantomime 'Robin Hood' announced 31/05/2010  
MKAOS wins NODA award yet again 09/05/2010  
Beauty & the Beast Publicity Photos added 11/11/2009  
Tickets are now on sale for Beauty & the Beast 11/10/2009  
Beauty & the Beast Audition Results 26/07/2009  
Boogie Nights Show Photos added 13/07/2009  
Beauty & the Beast Audition Pieces available 02/07/2009  
Beauty & the Beast Introductory Evening announced 22/06/2009  
Boogie Nights Publicity Photos now available 15/05/2009  

MKAOS & Dreams 'n' Wishes win NODA Award

Boogie Nights Audition Results 25/01/2009  
Boogie Nights & Beauty & the Beast Tickets now on sale 25/01/2009  
Boogie Nights Audition Pieces available 02/11/2008  
Boogie Nights Intro Evening announced 14/10/2008  
Snow White Tickets now available 25/09/2008  
Snow White Cast List 20/07/2008  
Snow White Audition details now available 19/06/2008  
Snow White Introductory Evening announced 07/06/2008